Leaving your life behind

Leaving your life behind is never an easy thing. I have only done it once before, back in 1998 when I started Uni. It wasn’t easy then, but I find it more complicated now. Back then, I didn’t have any things to carry (aside from my clothes) and I had no legal obligation. So I could (and indeed, did) just pack my clothes and leave.

But this time, I find it more difficult.. or at least, heaps more complicated. Of course, there are the usual moving related shenanigans such as notifying the real estate agent, utilities companies, and Internet provider. Australia Post actually has a very useful mover’s kit that not only redirect your mail to a new address, but also notify other government institutions of your change of address. Unfortunately this doesn’t really work if you’re going overseas.

After living for 8+ years (I lost track), I have accumulated a lot of books, movies, music, furniture, and other things. Most people are happy to throw away the books and movies, but not me. I don’t like throwing books away.

In the past few weeks, I have done the following (not necessarily in this order)

These don’t include the many queries I made about stuff such as the implication for having an overseas address for Australian bank accounts, implication of private health suspension to Medicare levy, and lodging tax returns at two different countries.

I do feel like I am being uprooted from my life in Australia. After this Sunday, I will no longer have a place I can call my home in Australia. Not as in I can’t call Australia home anymore, but in the sense that I will not have a ‘base’ in Australia. Nowhere to return home to. And that’s scary.

Of course, once I get to Copenhagen, I will have to do everything all over again. But this time in reverse. We’ll see how that goes. Probably in the next few posts.