Hello from Izegem

Hello from Belgium

Hello from Belgium! I am here visiting my old friend and his lovely family in the small town of Izegem in the West Flanders region. It is a charming town. It has everything like a big town does, but it definitely feels (and certainly is) a little town. There was not a lot of people when I got in yesterday evening, but that was probably because it was a public holiday here in Belgium. But today was not that much improved either.

We went to Bruges today. It is the highlight of the trip so far. Bruges is simply amazing! To me, It kinda evokes the image of Venice — another city that I have to go and visit. The buildings are very old (and in some cases very big) and the roads are covered in cobble stones. And the canals, they were just beautiful.


Tomorrow we’re heading off to Ghent and the Atomium in Brussels before I have to fly back to Copenhagen in the evening.

Of course, it is not a complete Belgian experience without Belgian chocolates, Belgian waffles, and Belgian beer — the latter of which has been voted the best beer in the world!

Photos will come probably sometime next week. Stay tuned.