For 2014, I set myself a goal: to visit one new place each month. With my latest trip to Oslo, I managed to achieve it. This time, I went on a mini cruise for the heck of it. As it turned out, that the ferry trip meant that I have also used all the transportation methods this year: airplane, train, and ferry.

When I wrote it was a mini cruise, I really meant it. The ferry left at 4 pm on Friday and arrived in Oslo at 10 am on Saturday, before leaving again at 4 pm the same day and reaching Copenhagen at 10 am on Sunday. This leaves only around 6 hours in Oslo itself. Even though time was tight, I still managed to visit a few places:

So now, my complete list of new places I have gone to this year becomes:

Jan: London, UK
Feb: Doha, Qatar
Mar: Reykjavík, Iceland
Apr: Rome, Italy
May: Göttingen, Germany
Jun: Hamburg, Germany
Jul: Prague, Czech Republic
Aug: Vienna, Austria
Sep: Zürich, Switzerland
Oct: Cologne, Germany
Nov: Stockholm, Sweden
Dec: Oslo, Norway

As before, the months in italic denote that the trip didn’t actually happen in that month.