Germany again

It seems that Germany is the country I visit the most since I arrived in Denmark. Last week I went to Leverkusen for a workshop on one of the software that we use. We seem to have built up a good working relationship with them. One of the modellers in our group in particular has collaborated closely with them to the point that there will be a new module for that software based on that collaboration. The workshop itself was just as you would expect. There were surprisingly a lot of people from industry, so it was a good opportunity to form connections.

My flight to Germany (Düsseldorf) was actually ridiculously early in the morning. So I had to get up very early and didn’t get much sleep at all. In fact, it was so early that I actually had to wait at a Metro station for the first train to the airport. At Düsseldorf, I actually missed the train I wanted to catch (by a few seconds!) but managed to take another train and catch the original train connection. After the workshop, it was raining heavily, so one of the workshop organisers gave me a lift to the station. The station was under renovation, though. So I had problems getting my ticket (the machine rejected my card!) and also had to go around the long way to reach the platform, causing me to miss my train to Cologne.

Fortunately the rest of the trip was very relaxing. It was my first trip to Cologne, which is also my proper September destination this year. When I roamed the City the following day, it turned out that the new Cardinal of Cologne was having his installation ceremony then, so there was much happening in town. I managed to escape all of that, though. Instead, I visited a friend of mine who now works in Cologne. Of course, no trip to Cologne is complete without a visit to the Chocolate Museum. But to me, the highlight of the trip was probably the EL-DE Haus, which used to be the headquarters of the Gestapo, and now serves as a reminder of the atrocities of war.