Dansk modul 2 er slut

Studieskolen Module 2
Studieskolen Module 2

So, this week we had our Danish Module 2 test. The test was on two separate days. The first day was a listening/reading/writing test and the second was a speaking test. I have to admit that I was quite apprehensive about the test, as I didn’t have much time to prepare. But nonetheless, it went better than I expected.

The previous week, our teacher talked to us one by one and told us how we were going. She told me I was doing fine, but I just needed to use different sentence construction aside from what we have learnt, by maybe reading Danish newspapers or books. Fair point.

The listening part of the test consists of several tasks: listening to bits of information and then answering several questions (on paper) that best fit the information given; listening to a story and putting numbers sequentially on pictures so that they fit the story sequence; and listening to several dialogues between two people and choosing from a selection of situations which one was most appropriate.

The reading part also consists of several tasks: we were given several questions and we had to scan several passages to find the answers; reading several paragraphs of a story, where in each one of the paragraphs there was one sentence that didn’t fit; writing/choosing words to fit in into a text with several words missing; and choosing and matching several paragraphs with their headlines.

In the writing test, we had to write a fairly long e-mail to someone. For the speaking test, we came in pairs. Each one of us had to pick one card out of five, corresponding to a specific book or subject that we had previously chosen. We then had to talk about the book/subject and then answer questions from our teacher. Afterwards, I and my partner were given a sheet with two pictures, and then we had to talk with each other about them.

For me, the hardest part of the test itself was the listening part. There was one particular task where I thought I was completely lost: the story sequence. But it turned out that I did better than I thought. One thing I did notice in the listening test was that I could understand my teacher’s Danish better than the recording for the test. Maybe this just means that I should listen to more samplings of Danish.

The speaking test was also nerve-wracking. While preparing for it, I found that I still couldn’t think and speak at the same time… okay, perhaps this doesn’t come as a surprise to some of you. But seriously, for me anyway, sometimes I would stop and think “should I do an inversion here?” or “what preposition should I use here?“. Of course, all of this comes with experience. I guess because our workplace is a very international, we all use English for everyday communication. A lot of my classmates either work with mostly Danes or they have Danish significant others, so they have a lot of chances to practise.

Anyway, so Danish Module 2 is over now. Next week we will start Module 3.1!