Locked out

I got home today and was confronted with this:

Missing lock
Missing lock.

If you can’t see the lock on the photo, that’s because it was missing! On top of that, I found that one of the decorative handles on the gates was also missing. Hmm… suspicious! Naturally I thought someone had tried to break in. But speculations aside, I was still locked outside with no way in.

So I tried the intercom and tried pretty much every apartment in the building… with no luck. This made me consider that if it was a burglary, then they might have messed around with the intercom system as well. At this point, I was considering crashing at some friends’ place, but then decided to try ringing the apartments again, just in case.

This time, someone actually answered! At that time, I didn’t even remember which apartment I pushed. After I explained the problem, she came down and we then discussed how to proceed. Neither of us really knew who to call in this situation. But we did realise that everyone would have the same problem coming into the building and contemplated what we should do. I also contemplated working from home tomorrow and help open the gates for other people.

Shortly afterwards, another lady came in. She suggested we go to someone in another building in the complex (who seemed to be the caretaker, but I’m not sure). They talked in Danish (which I start to understand, but I became lost when they used words I hadn’t heard before) and apparently a repairman did come and take the lock away around to be repaired. (So, no burglary then.) The gates were left open when they did that, but someone had apparently closed the gates not knowing that the lock was missing.

So, the caretaker-that-may-not-be-the-caretaker said he will call the repairman and pressure them to fix the lock quickly. I am still considering working from home tomorrow. But I guess since everyone is in the same boat, something will probably happen. The building owner probably won’t want a building full of angry residents!

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