Finished Danish Module 1

Last Thursday I had my Danish test with the rest of the class which marked the end of our Module 1One by one, we had to go into the classroom and spend 10 minutes on the oral test. I was number four, but decided to go to Studieskolen early so I could do some more last-minute revising before taking my test. However, I didn’t end up doing much revising and instead just chatted with my fellow classmates who were taking the test before me.

So, the test itself consisted of three three tasks:

  1. Tell a story from five possible topics that we had to choose randomly – all of which we had to prepare for. We had about two minutes to tell the story. We were allowed to bring in a sheet with keywords, but were encouraged not to use it if we could.
  2. Converse with the teacher, who would ask us questions based on the story that we have just told her. In my case, she actually interspersed her questions as I was telling my story.
  3. Make up a conversation for the stickmen which the teacher had chosen randomly from our workbook. The stickmen are an important part of our learning. They have speech bubbles filled with keywords, which gives us clues as to what they are supposed to be saying.

The story that I picked was one that I was not terribly confident about. I found that one to be the hardest to describe. So I had to resort to using my sheet quite a bit. I think I did OK though. The section that I don’t think I did well enough was answering the teacher’s questions. I must admit, I am still not used to using Danish on the spot. There were times when I started speaking, but didn’t think through about what I wanted to say. As a result, I missed a word or two. But the teacher didn’t seem to mind it. She corrected me and I immediately realised the mistake I had done. I did much better in the stickmen. As I mentioned, the stickmen are an important part of our learning. I guess we had done them enough times that I just remember the conversations that they are supposed to be having. The teacher also made a comment which I am sure every single one of us in Module 1 got: that I mispronounced some of the words. So I guess we will all have to work on that.

This coming Tuesday, we will start Module 2! It is hard to believe that 3 months ago, we didn’t know any Danish whatsoever. We have definitely learnt a lot. I am not sure if everyone in our class passed or not. But I do know that some will be leaving us: one will take a more intensive course and one will be leaving Denmark for a while. I think there are also another one or two who will take a break from the classes. So I guess it’s as good time as any to get together and celebrate our accomplishment – small that may be.


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