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Danish Module 1.1 test and textbooks
Danish Module 1.1 test and textbooks

Pictured above is my unofficial test for Danish Module 1.1. The test consisted of a listening test (the teacher asking questions in Danish, and then we had to write our answers) and a writing test (we had to make conversations for some stickmen who are providing us with clues as to what they want to say). I managed to get a pretty good score for it. But that doesn’t necessarily mean anything!

So the whole Module 1.1 gang (except for 1 person who dropped out, 1 person who decided to retake Module 1.1, and 1 person who has switched to a later class) decided to proceed to Module 1.2. We also got a few new people: an American, another Spaniard, an Israeli, and a Serbian (although, we may have lost the latter as she could speak Norwegian, and therefore Module 1.2 would be too easy for her). This module also goes for 6 weeks – the same as Module 1.1. I find it hard to believe that we are now two-third through this module.

We are certainly progressing quickly. Module 1.2 seems to focus more on active conversations and reading long passages. We will have a test… an official one this time. The test will be conducted orally and consist of talking about a particular topic (which will be chosen randomly) and making stickmen conversation. I am actually rather anxious about this test. I think at the moment I am better at written Danish than in spoken Danish. But I guess this also gives me an incentive to get better at the spoken version.

On another note, I really should try to blog a bit more regularly.

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