When am I flying back?

Someone was asking me the other day, “when are you coming back?”. Just like the previous question, the answer is “I don’t know”. But the reasons for this are different.

The job offer states that I will be in Denmark for 2 years. This will be a great opportunity for me to explore a bit of Europe. I can literally go to another country for a weekend. In fact, if I wanted to go and see Eurovision this year, I could take a 35 minute train ride from Copenhagen to Malmö (running every 10 minutes or so!), watch the show, and be back at work the following day.

It will make no sense for me to waste my vacation on a long plane trip to Australia or Indonesia. I want to go to places I haven’t been before. That’s why I wanted to catch up with as many people as possible before I go, just in case I won’t see them for 2 years (or more).

Having said that, while flying back on vacation is very unlikely at this stage, this does not mean I will not be back on work trip. The group has collaborators everywhere, including Australia. It is probably likely that I will be assigned on a collaborative project which allows me to travel back at the group’s expense.

Of course, everything is up in the air at the moment. After all, I have to fly off before I can fly back. But the bottom line is, I may be back before my 2 years is up. Rest assured, I will give people some advance notice, just in case they want to leave the City before I fly back.

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